Agriculture & GMOs

New Video: “Are GMOs Natural?”

This video provides a simple explanation of how GMOs are made and puts them into the context of natural genetic variations.

Are GMOs banned in Europe?

Headlines claiming that GMOs are banned in Europe abound. These are often accompanied by an assertion that the United States should follow suit. Does the EU know something the US does not? Where are these claims coming from?

Do GMOs cause “superweeds”?

Superweed is a misleading term used to describe weeds that are resistant to an herbicide. It is conceptually possible that certain, herbicide-resistant GMOs could contribute to an increase in herbicide-resistant weeds; however, such concerns are not limited to GMOs, but are relevant for any crops used in conjunction with herbicides.

Environmental benefits of grass-fed beef

This post is for the environmentally-conscious meat eater. If you want to decrease your beef-eating carbon footprint, you might want to reconsider grass-fed beef.

Farmer stereotypes are wildly innaccurate

Different images in popular culture are used to represent organic farmers versus conventional farmers, are these representations accurate? To find out, I interviewed four farmers across the country who use a wide range of farming techniques.

GMO labels make no sense. Here’s how to improve them.

The current legislation surrounding GMO labels is full of inconsistencies. In a recent post, I discussed how challenging it is to define whether a genetically improved plant is technically a “GMO”. Determining if a given food item contains genetically modified ingredients is even more difficult. There has been a lot of recent discussion about GMO labeling.…

How do you define a GMO?

What is a GMO? This seemingly simple question is difficult to answer, and it’s about to get a whole lot tougher.

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