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Cornell Alliance for Science

Engineering plants to sense and respond to their environment June 18, 2019

Ancient trait may hold key to agriculture’s future May 20, 2019

Can genetically engineered bacteria ward off a hangover? March 6, 2019


A CRISPR approach to greener beer January 22, 2019


Bacteria invented genetic engineering — we made it controversial February 5, 2018

Birth control for bugs: controlling pests without pesticides March 8, 2018

Black Red Beetle on Top of Another Red Black Beetle

Using CRISPR to design superior foods May 1, 2018

chopped, cooking, cut

We now have a roadmap for a second green revolution July 18, 2018

Photo of Ipad on Pile of Lemons

10 ways CRISPR will revolutionize environmental science July 17, 2018

Synthetic biology promises a greener future October 25, 2018


Synthetic biologist Wendell Lim talks about using living cells to raise the bar on cancer therapy April 2, 2019


The five hottest job markets in the world January 14, 2019

Institute of Systems and Synthetic Biology

The Conversation

DNA has gone digital – what could possibly go wrong December 7, 2017

After a century, insulin is still expensive – could DIYers change that September 13, 2018

The surprising way plastics could actually help fight climate change November 29, 2018

Plant Cell Extracts

Bacteria Trick Plant Cells into Digesting Themselves – Here’s How March 21, 2018

Plants Tolerate the Cold by Editing Their Genetic Messages July 21, 2018


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