Picture a scientist….

You probably imagined a disheveled nerd working late nights and weekends in a laboratory, right?

Now imagine you’re having a conversation with Dr. Nerd.

You probably expect a lot of big words describing boring topics you really don’t care about.

These stereotypes exist for a reason. When graduate students are initiated into the world of science, they’re socialized to overwork and conditioned to communicate with sciency jargon.

Escaping the bench is about helping scientists and their ideas launch out of the lab and into the world through better communication. 

I’m a PhD scientist with ten years of laboratory research and science communication experience, and I want to change the way that we talk about science. 

If you are a scientist and you want help communicating your research or exploring careers outside of academia, follow or contact me. If you are not a scientist and you want to know more about how science impacts your daily life, follow or contact me!

email: jenna.e.gallegos @ gmail                                                    ORCID0000-0003-4875-8163

linkedin: jenna-gallegos-68222459                                                   twitter: @foodbeerscience



Full Bio:

As a PhD student at UC Davis, I studied the factors that control gene expression in plants. In my free time, I explored a diversity of topics from agricultural economics to nutrition through science education and outreach activities. I write and make videos about food and agricultural science issues, exciting discoveries, and my experiences teaching science lessons to K-bacc students. I even helped found a UC Davis science outreach group called Science Says.

My volunteer activities as a graduate student lead to my selection as a Mass Media Fellow by the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences. As a AAAS Mass Media Fellow, I interned as a science reporter at the Washington Post.

I went to graduate school, because I wanted to make discoveries that would help farmers increase the yield, nutritional quality, and sustainability of their crops. While there, I discovered a love for basic science, and innovative ideas for solving the world’s problems.

As an intern working on Monsanto’s BioDirect platform, I gained an appreciation for the potential of biology to replace chemistry in many agricultural and pharmaceutical applications.

As a postdoc in Jean Peccoud’s lab at Colorado State University, I explored synthetic biology through a variety of projects including high throughput yeast genetics and the applications of cybersecurity techniques to DNA sequences.

Throughout my scientific career, I’ve continuously engaged in science outreach. In addition to writing and creating videos for a variety of difference science news outlets and blogs, I serve as the News Editor for the Oxford Journal Synthetic Biology. You can find a list of my peer-reviewed publications here and science news publications here.

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