Do GMOs cause “superweeds”?

Superweed is a misleading term used to describe weeds that are resistant to an herbicide. It is conceptually possible that certain, herbicide-resistant GMOs could contribute to an increase in herbicide-resistant weeds; however, such concerns are not limited to GMOs, but are relevant for any crops used in conjunction with herbicides.

Pollination is sexy

It’s springtime, so those of us with allergies might have noticed plants getting all animal planet with our sinuses. Seems most plants are pretty lose with their pollen, but when it comes to procreation, they’re very particular. So how do plants swipe right on a match?

Farmer stereotypes are wildly innaccurate

Different images in popular culture are used to represent organic farmers versus conventional farmers, are these representations accurate? To find out, I interviewed four farmers across the country who use a wide range of farming techniques.

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